Covid-19 Update

It has always been Bridge Community Play School’s approach to maintain an open line of communication with our families. In our attempt to keep you updated on our response to COVID-19 and how it effects our school, please refer to this page for up-to-date resources, procedural guidelines from the CDC and NYC Department of Health, and enhanced BCPS requirements and procedures as they unfold.

Bridge Community Play School has consistently upheld and exceeded all NYC Department of Health safety and health regulations as part of our license and best practices. So, while COVID-19 may make our procedures look a bit different in the new school year, our attitude towards safety remains steadfast and unchanged. We will continue our diligence in maintaining a safe school environment that will ensure the well-being of our students and staff.

We welcome a compassionate dialogue with you, as we are a community working together.

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If-Then Covid-19 Guidance Sheet UPDATED 2.04.2022

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NYC DOHMH Covid-19 What Parents & Caregivers Need to Know – 9.01.2020

BCPS Update – Directors’ Letter 8.11.2020

BCPS Update – Directors’ Letter – 7.29.2020

BCPS Update 7.20.2020 – As per NYC DOHMH & NY State Requirements, children ages 2-5 are not mandated to wear masks while in class.  Children should wear masks to and from school as the CDC continues to encourage masks for children over the age of two.  If children are able to tolerate a mask for extended periods without constantly touching their face or mask, we also encourage wear. Adults ARE required to wear masks while on school premises.

BCPS Update 7.08.2020Our air conditioning systems were serviced this week and MERV filters suggested by CDC are in place. We have also been working these past few weeks to clean, sanitize and reorganize toys and equipment in anticipation for September.

BCPS Healthy Practices for September 2020 6.01.2020

Covid-19 Fact Sheet for Parents

Covid-19 Symptoms Poster – CDC

Stop the Spread of Germs Poster CDC

Quarantine-vs-Isolation Poster CDC